Police Reform: Agreement on Ending Hostilities in the Republic of Congo


(29 DECEMBER 1999)

Chapter IV: From the Security Forces

Political stability and peace closely depend on the solutions brought to security issues in general and to the Security Forces in particular.

The status, composition, command and the establishment of the Security Forces must guarantee the stability of institutions, peace, the mutual trust of all brothers in arms in general, and the signatories of this agreement in particular, who undertake to fully contribute to the process of the imperative reorganisation of the Security Forces, while also focusing on issues relating to rebuilding careers.

Article 6: The signatories of this agreement demand:

The reorganisation of the Security Forces;

The unconditional reinstatement into the Security Forces, reprising the same rank they held on June 5th 1997, of soldiers, gendarmes, and other civilian personnel who have joined their respective body no later than the date on which this agreement is signed;

An end to all military action against the FADR signatories of this agreement;

Recruitment into the Security Forces and reintegration into society of FADR members.

Chapter V: From the Government of the Republic

Article 7: The signatories of this agreement recommend:

The establishment of a National Committee for the Reorganisation of the Security Forces.