The Peace Accords Matrix (PAM) engaged Barometer program offers a preventive and contributive form of accompaniment in support of implementation of comprehensive peace agreements. It is designed to provide continuous whole-of-agreement implementation monitoring capacity that is complementary to official monitoring mechanisms and includes periodic assessments of 1) the status of provisions, 2) emerging gaps in implementation, 3) relevant comparative data indicating trends from other processes, and 4) a safe confidential space to review the assessments and consider options to improve implementation related to the identified gaps.

Utilizing PAM methodology, the Barometer program has developed a framework for assessing implementation of the Colombia Peace Accord based on comparative analysis of other peace accords. Assessments will be drawn from continuous review of published information sources and on-the-ground observation and verification of events by a mobile team of peace implementation experts. Scholarly nonpartisan assessments of implementation data from these sources is combined with comparative analyses and shared on a regular basis with relevant officials responsible for peace accord implementation.

PAM’s Barometer program offers the potential to provide a more robust form of implementation accompaniment. The purpose of the engaged Barometer is to provide a high quality form of peace accord assessment that enables and facilitates early preventative action and the generation of options for potentially needed innovation in the process of implementation. The Barometer program seeks to establish a firm foundation for national reconciliation and sustainable peace in Colombia, while serving as a model for real-time monitoring of peace accords in other countries.


Funding for the Barometer project in Colombia generously provided by Humanity United.