Civil Administration Reform: Accra Peace Agreement


1. A Governance Reform Commission is hereby established. The Commission shall be a vehicle for the promotion of the principles of good governance in Liberia.

2. The mandate of the Commission shall be to:

(a) Review the existing program for the Promotion of Good Governance in Liberia, with the objective of adjusting its scope and strategy for implementation;

(b) Develop public sector management reforms through assessment, reforms, capacity building and performance monitoring;

(c) Ensure transparency and accountability in governance in all government institutions and activities, including acting as the Public Ombudsman;

(d) Ensure subsidiarity in governance through decentralisation and participation;

(e) Ensure a national and regional balance in appointments without compromising quality and integrity;

(f) Ensure an enabling environment which will attract private sector direct investment;

(g) Monitor, assess and report to the NTLA on the implementation and impact of activities undertaken to encourage the practice of good governance in Liberia.

3. The Structure of the Commission shall be as follows:

(a) The Commission shall be established as an independent Commission with seven (7) permanent members appointed by the Chairman and confirmed by the NTLA, from a list provided by civil society organisations. It shall have a chairperson who must be from the civil society. Its membership shall include women.

(b) The members must have experience in one or more of the following: Public Sector Management, Corporate Law, Finance and Auditing Regulations, Trade Policies and NGO activities. They must be men and women of known integrity with national and/or international experience.

4. The Commission shall submit quarterly reports directly to the NTLA who shall make recommendations thereon to the Chairman for action.

5. The NTGL calls on the UNDP, relevant international organizations and the ICGL to provide financial, logistics and technical support for the Commission.


1. A Contract and Monopolies Commission is hereby established in Liberia to oversee activities of a contractual nature undertaken by the NTGL.

2. Its mandate shall include:

(a) Ensuring that all public financial and budgetary commitments entered into by the NTGL are transparent, non-monopolistic and in accordance with the laws of Liberia and internationally accepted norms of commercial practice;

(b) Ensuring that public officers will not use their positions to benefit from any contract financed from public funds;

(c) Publishing all tenders in the media and on its own website to ensure maximum competition and transparency. The Commission shall also publish on its website the result of tenders as well as a record of all commercial entities that have participated and succeeded in reviewing contracts;

(d) Ensuring the formulation and effective implementation of sound macro-economic policies that will support sustainable development goals;

(e) Collaborate with the international institutions to provide finance to Liberia in carrying out its functions.

3. (a) The Commission shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Chairman, on the approval of the NTLA, from the broad spectrum of civil society, who may or may not be technocrats.

(b) The members shall be persons of sound judgement and integrity who are independent of the commercial sector. The members must have sufficient experience to be able to review contract documents and procedures to ensure that public funds are used without favour and with complete transparency.

(c) The members of the CMC shall be assisted by independent national and international experts.

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