Decentralization/Federalism: Accra Peace Agreement

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Decentralization/Federalism: Accra Peace Agreement


Decentralization/Federalism – 2003

Decentralization did not occur in 2003.

Decentralization/Federalism – 2004

Governance Reform Commission was established in February 2004.1 On March 31, 2004, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was confirmed as Chairman of the Governance Reform Commission (GRC) by the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA). According to a news report, other members of the commission were Former Interim President, Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, Dr. George Klay Kieh, a presidential hopeful of the New Alternative of Liberia (New Deal Movement) and former Planning and Economic Affairs Minister, Francis Carbar.2

The GRC did impressive work and focused on three key areas with the intent of drawing up a 30-year blueprint for a shared national vision for the future of Liberia. These key areas included public sector reform and local governance reform through decentralization.3 As such, decentralization remained a priority in the agenda of the GRC; however, decentralization did not actually occur in 2004.

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Decentralization/Federalism – 2005

It was reported that in its work, the GRC promoted decentralization and a very robust consultative process in its reform agenda.1 But decentralization as governance reform did not take place in 2005.

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Decentralization/Federalism – 2006

Concrete steps were not taken with respect to decentralization. In 2006, the UNDP published a concept paper that suggested that there was a need for beginning financial management at the county and district level as efforts towards decentralization.1

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Decentralization/Federalism – 2007

In August 2007, the Liberian government, as a result of the utility of the GRC, extended its commission and granted it a permanent institution, as Governance Commission (GC). The commission’s members were said to work in the areas of “inclusive, participatory, and just system of governance and decentralization of development.”1

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Decentralization/Federalism – 2008

No further information is available regarding the extent of which the decentralization of governance took place.

Decentralization/Federalism – 2009

No further developments observed.

Decentralization/Federalism – 2010

No further developments observed.

Decentralization/Federalism – 2011

No further developments observed.

Decentralization/Federalism – 2012

No further developments observed.