UN Peacekeeping Force: Accra Peace Agreement


1. The GOL, the LURD, the MODEL and the Political Parties agree on the need for the deployment of an International Stabilization Force (ISF) in Liberia. Accordingly, the Parties hereby request the United Nations in collaboration with ECOWAS, the AU and the ICGL to facilitate, constitute, and deploy a United Nations Chapter VII force in the Republic of Liberia to support the transitional government and to assist in the implementation of this Agreement.

2. The ECOWAS Interposition Force is expected to become a part of the International Stabilization Force.

3. The Parties request the ISF to assume the following mandate:

(a) Observe and monitor the ceasefire;

(b) Investigate violations of the security aspects of this agreement and take necessary measures to ensure compliance;

(c) Monitor disengagement and cantonment of forces of the Parties and provide security at disarmament/cantonment sites;

(d) Collect weapons at disarmament sites and elsewhere and ensure that all the weapons so collected are properly accounted for and adequately secured;

(e) Assist in the coordination and delivery of humanitarian assistance to displaced persons, refugees, returnees and other war-affected persons;

(f) Facilitate the provision and maintenance of humanitarian assistance and protect displaced persons, refugees, returnees and other affected persons;

(g) Verify all information, data and activities relating to the military forces of the Parties;

(h) Along with ECOWAS and the International Contact Group on Liberia, provide advice and support to the Transitional Government provided for in this Agreement on the formation of a new and restructured Liberian Army;

(i) Assist with security for elections;

(j) Take the necessary means whenever the need arises and as it deems within its capabilities, to protect civilians, senior political and military leaders under imminent threat of physical violence;

(k) Coordinate with ECOWAS in the implementation of this Agreement.

4. The Parties expect that units of the ISF shall be selected from countries acceptable to all the Parties to the Ceasefire Agreement.

5. The Parties to this Agreement call on the ISF to remain in place until otherwise determined by the UN Security Council and the elected Government of Liberia.


1. In view of the recent appointment of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative in Liberia, the Parties call for the urgent establishment of a consolidated United Nations Mission in Liberia that will have the resources to facilitate the implementation and coordination of the Political, Social, Economic and Security assistance to be extended under this Agreement.

ANNEX 1: We the Parties to this Agreement… Hereby agree as follows:

7. International Stabilization Force (ISF). The Parties agree on the need for the creation and deployment of an international stabilization force and commit themselves to cooperation with it. They shall accord complete freedom of movement to the ISF at all times in the execution of their duties.