Verification/Monitoring Mechanism: Comprehensive Peace Agreement

9.1. Both sides agree to give continuity to the task of monitoring of the human rights provisions mentioned in this agreement by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nepal.

9.2. Both sides agree to the monitoring of the management of arms and the armies by the United Nations Mission in Nepal as per the provisions of the five-point letters sent earlier to the UN and those of the present agreement and agree to facilitate the process.

9.3. Both sides agree to have the United Nations observe the election to the Constituent Assembly.

9.4. The National Human Rights Commission shall also carry out responsibilities related to the monitoring of human rights as mentioned in this agreement together with the responsibility assigned to it as per the laws. While carrying out its functions, the Commission may liaison with and seek assistance from national as well as international human rights related organizations.

9.5. Both sides agree to receive the reports submitted by the above-mentioned bodies, to provide requisite information to them, and to implement their suggestions and recommendations on the basis of discussions and consensus.