Internally Displaced Persons: Accra Peace Agreement


1. (a) The NTGL, with the assistance of the International Community, shall design and implement a plan for the voluntary return and reintegration of Liberian refugees and internally displaced persons, including non-combatants, in accordance with international conventions, norms and practices.

(b) Refugees or internally displaced persons, desirous of returning to their original Counties or permanent residences, shall be assisted to do so.

(c) The Parties commit themselves to peaceful co-existence amongst returnees and non-returnees in all Counties.


1. (a) The Parties re-affirm the commitment made in the Ceasefire Agreement, to provide security guarantees for safe and unhindered access by all humanitarian agencies to vulnerable groups throughout the country, in order to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance in accordance with international conventions, principles and norms governing humanitarian operations.

(b) Accordingly, the Parties agree to guarantee the security and movement of humanitarian personnel, that of their properties, goods transported, stocked or distributed, as well as their projects and beneficiaries.

2. The Transitional Government provided for in this agreement shall ensure the establishment of effective administrative and security infrastructure to monitor and support the implementation of these guarantees contained in sub-paragraph 1b of the present Article XIV.

3. The said Transitional Government shall request the International Community to assist in providing humanitarian assistance for those in need, including internally displaced persons, refugees and returnees.

4. The Parties shall ensure the presence of security guarantees for the safe return and resettlement of refugees and internally displaced persons and the free movement of persons and goods.


3. The Parties request the ISF to assume the following mandate:

(e) Assist in the coordination and delivery of humanitarian assistance to displaced persons, refugees, returnees and other war-affected persons;

(f) Facilitate the provision and maintenance of humanitarian assistance and protect displaced persons, refugees, returnees and other affected persons.

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