Detailed Implementation Timeline: Comprehensive Peace Agreement


Expressing confidence to implement the commitment of holding the election to the Constituent Assembly in a free and fair manner within June 15, 2007;

3.12. A common development concept shall be adopted for the socio-economic transformation of the country and for making the country advanced and economically prosperous in a just manner within a short span of time.

5.1.4. Both sides shall assist each other by providing information as regards the location sketches and storage of ambushes and landmines used during the war time within 30 days and by defusing and destroying them within 60 days.

5.2.2. Both sides agree to make public the status of the people under their respective custodies and release them within 15 days.

5.2.3. Both sides agree to make public within 60 days of the signing of the agreement the correct and full names and addresses of the people who ‘disappeared’ or were killed during the conflict and convey such details to the family members.

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