Demobilization: Comprehensive Peace Agreement

4.1. As per the commitments expressed in the letters sent to the United Nations by the Government of Nepal and the Maoists on August 9, 2006, the combatants of the Maoist army shall be confined to the following temporary cantonments. The United Nations shall verify and monitor them.

The main cantonments shall be located in the following places:

1. Kailali, 2. Surkhet, 3. Rolpa, 4. Palpa, 5. Kabhre, 6. Sindhuli, 7. Ilam.

There shall be three smaller camps located in the periphery of each of these main cantonments.

4.6. The Nepali Army shall be confined to the barracks as per the commitments made in the letters sent to the United Nations. Non-use of its arms for or against either side shall be guaranteed. Like number of arms as those stored by the Maoist Army shall be safely stored also by the Nepali Army. These arms shall be locked with a single padlock and the party concerned shall keep the key to it. For the UN to monitor it, a device with siren as well as recording facility shall be installed during the process of padlocking. The UN shall make necessary inspections of the stored arms in the presence of the party concerned. Technical details in this regard including camera monitoring shall be as per the agreement among the United Nations, the Government of Nepal and the CPN (Maoist).