Internally Displaced Persons: Comprehensive Peace Agreement

5.1. Ending of military action and mobilisation of armed personnel:

5.1.8. Both sides agree to keep records and return immediately the government, public and private buildings, land and other property seized, locked up or forbidden for use during the armed conflict.

5.2.8. Both sides express commitment to allow without any political prejudice the people displaced during the armed conflict to return voluntarily to their respective places of ancestral or former residence, to reconstruct the infrastructure destroyed as a result of the conflict and to honourably rehabilitate and reintegrate the displaced people into the society.

7.3.3. Both sides shall respect and protect the citizens’ right to freedom of movement and the right to choose the location of one’s residence in a manner acceptable under prevailing laws, and express their commitments to respect the right of individuals and families displaced during the conflict to return to their original places of residence or to settle in any other places of their choice.

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