Economic and Social Development: Comprehensive Peace Agreement

3.6. A common minimum program for socio-economic transformation in order to end all forms of feudalism shall be prepared and implemented on the basis of mutual understanding.

3.7. Policies shall be formulated to implement a scientific land reform program by doing away with the feudal land ownership practice.

3.10. Policies shall be pursued to provide land and socio-economic security to backward communities like the landless squatters, bonded labourers, tillers, bonded domestics, bonded cattle-tenders and such other groups.

3.12. A common development concept shall be adopted for the socio-economic transformation of the country and for making the country advanced and economically prosperous in a just manner within a short span of time.

3.13. Policies shall be followed for ensuring the professional rights of workers and increasing investment for the promotion of industries, trade, export etc. in order to significantly enhance employment and income generating opportunities.

7.5.1. Both sides are committed to respect and protect the individual’s right to livelihood through employment of their choice or acceptance.

7.5.2. Both sides are committed to respect and guarantee the right to food security of all the people. They assure that there shall be no interference in the use, transportation and distribution of food items, food products and food grains.

7.5.3. Both sides accept the fact that the citizens’ right to health should be respected and protected. Both sides shall not obstruct the supply of medicines and health related assistance and campaigns, and express commitment to provide medical treatment to those injured in course of the conflict and to work for their rehabilitation.

7.5.4. With the realization of the fact that the right to education to all should be guaranteed and respected, both sides are committed to maintaining a congenial academic environment in educational institutions. Both sides agree to guarantee that the right to education shall not be violated. They agree to immediately put an end to such activities as capturing educational institutions and using them, abducting teachers and students, holding them captives, causing them to disappear, and not to set up army barracks in a way that would adversely impact schools and hospitals.

7.5.5. Both sides agree that the private property of any individual shall not be seized or usurped unlawfully.

7.5.6. Both sides believe in the fact that industrial production should continue, the right to collective bargaining and social security in the industrial establishments should be respected and the establishment and workers should be encouraged to seek peaceful settlement of any disputes between them without disturbing the industrial climate of the country, and respect the standards of work as determined by the International Labour Organization.

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