Cease Fire: Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement

Annex B: Review of the Criminal Justice System


2. Prisoners affiliated to organisations which have not established or are not maintaining a complete and unequivocal ceasefire will not benefit from the arrangements. The situation in this regard will be kept under review.

(Note: the GFA does not elaborate on ceasefire provision. This however does not mean that ceasefire was not the part of the accord. Before beginning of the peace negotiation that lead to the accord, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) announced a ceasefire on 19 July 19971. IRA’s commitment to ceasefire was crucial to begin peace talks. And as soon as the moderate unionist leader Mr David Trimble, who was the leader of the biggest protestant party in Northern Ireland, was persuaded by United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair not to vote against the Government’s proposals on weapons decommissioning at the all-party talks on Northern Ireland, the negotiation process proceeded2.)

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