General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date Signed: 21 November, 1995

Accord Type: Comprehensive Peace Agreement

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

93.06Implementation Score after 10 years

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Provisions in this Accord

Cease Fire

Powersharing Transitional Government

Executive Branch Reform

Legislative Branch Reform

Constitutional Reform

Boundary Demarcation

Electoral/Political Party Reform

Territorial Powersharing


Dispute Resolution Committee

Prisoner Release

Paramilitary Groups

Human Rights



Internally Displaced Persons

Citizenship Reform

Cultural Protections

Economic and Social Development

Detailed Implementation Timeline

Verification/Monitoring Mechanism

International Arbitration

UN Peacekeeping Force

Withdrawal of Troops

Please always cite: “Annualized implementation data on comprehensive intrastate peace accords, 1989–2012.” Madhav Joshi, Jason Michael Quinn, and Patrick M. Regan. Journal of Peace Research 52 (2015): 551-562.