Police Reform: Accra Peace Agreement


1. There shall be an immediate restructuring of the National Police Force, the Immigration Force, Special Security Service (SSS), custom security guards and such other statutory security units. These restructured security forces shall adopt a professional orientation that emphasizes democratic values and respect for human rights, a non-partisan approach to duty and the avoidance of corrupt practices.

2. The Special Security Units including the Anti-Terrorist Unit, the Special Operations Division (SOD) of the Liberian National Police Force and such paramilitary groups that operate within organisations as the National Ports Authority (NPA), the Liberian Telecommunications Corporation (NTC), the Liberian Refining Corporation (LPRC) and the Airports shall be disarmed and restructured.

3. Until the deployment of newly trained national police, maintenance of law and order throughout Liberia shall be the responsibility of an interim police force.

4. The Parties call on the United Nations Civil Police components (UNCIVPOL) within the ISF to monitor the activities of the interim police force and assist in the maintenance of law and order throughout Liberia.

5. The Parties also call on UNCIVPOL and other relevant International Agencies to assist in the development and implementation of training programs for the LNP.

6. The interim police will only be allowed to carry side arms.

7. All large calibre weapons shall be turned over to the ISF.

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