Natural Resource Management: Bougainville Peace Agreement

BPA (B)(6):

85. The National Government will provide for the autonomous Bougainville Government to be represented on:

a) delegations negotiating access and other fisheries agreements regarding Bougainville waters and waters beyond the guaranteed three nautical mile limit and within the Exclusive Economic Zone and the continental shelf associated with Bougainville territory; and

b) bodies responsible for determining total allowable catches, licence numbers and reservation of licenses for domestic fishers in such waters.

86. An agreed formula (based on derivation less costs) will provide for National Government fishing revenues from fishing in those waters to be distributed to the autonomous Bougainville Government.

87. The autonomous Bougainville Government will decide on the allocation of an agreed quota of domestic fishing licenses for highly migratory and straddling fish stocks.

88. The autonomous Bougainville Government will be responsible for the sustainable management of other fisheries in Bougainville’s waters.

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