Dispute Resolution Committee: Bougainville Peace Agreement

BPA (B)(11):

265. The autonomous Bougainville Government and the National Government will try to resolve disputes by consultation, or, where required, through mediation or arbitration.

266. If a dispute cannot be resolved in one of the above ways, then it may be taken to court.

267. The details of dispute resolution procedures, including their application to particular provisions, will be specified and integrated during drafting of Constitutional Laws to give legal effect to this Agreement.

268. The National Government will not have the power to withdraw powers from the autonomous Bougainville Government or suspend it.

269. If consultation is required it will proceed through the following steps:

(a) timely communication of views in writing to a specified point of contact;

(b) adequate opportunity to respond in a similar way;

(c) where there are differences, meaningful exchange of views within an adequate, agreed or specified time-frame, either orally or in writing, with a view to reaching agreement; and

(d) clear, written record of outcome (either agreement or different views), provided for all parties.

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