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Judiciary Reform: Accord for a Firm and Lasting Peace

Agreement on the Strengthening of Civilian Power and the Role of the Armed Forces in Democratic Society (Mexico City, 19 September 1996) III. System of Justice 8. One of the major structural weaknesses of the Guatemalan State stems from the system of administration of justice, which is one of the key public services. This system […]

Donor Support – 2013

Nepal received a net USD 26,014,826 in 2013 from the Multi Partner Trust Fund for various activities. Various donor countries also contributed to the Nepal Peace Trust Fund.

Education Reform – 2006

In May 2006, Burundi adopted a policy to offer free primary education. As the policy went into effect, primary enrollment increased by 30%. Along with offering a free primary education, the government also initiated recruitment of 5,000 teachers on top of the existing 21,000 teachers, increased the education budget by $1.5 million and purchased thousands […]

Children’s Rights – 2003

Liberia’s three major armed factions (MODEL, LURD, and Government of Liberia forces) used an estimated 15,000 child soldiers during the civil war. Children soldiers participated in the same DDRR program as other combatants. However, instead of vocational training and a safety-net allowance of $300, former child combatants received stipends, uniforms, books, and other incentives to […]

Electoral/Political Party Reform – 1990

In August 1990, the legislature (based on Taif recommendations) made constitutional revisions including the provision of related seats in the parliament. According to the revisions, the parliamentary seats will be equally divided between Christians and Muslims in an in an expanded 108-member Parliament.[fn]”Human Rights Report- Lebanon,” U.S. Dept. of State Dispatch, February 1, 1991.[/efn_note] The […]

Powersharing Transitional Government – 1990

According to the U.S. State Department Human Rights report, political reforms stipulated in the Taif accord were approved through the constitutional amendments by parliament in August (21) 1990 and signed into law by the president in September (21) of that year. According to the revisions, the parliamentary seats will be equally divided between Christians and […]

Cease Fire – 2007

The security situation remained under control as no heavy fighting took place to disrupt the holding of the ceasefire agreement. On 22 and 23 December, violent clashes erupted in areas of Meiram, Al Girinti and Al Jurf between Misseriya tribe and SPLA units but the tension was diffused once a meeting between Misseriya leaders and […]

Donor Support – 2003

On June 2003, the UK pledged β‚€4m in budgetary support for 2004 to East Timor. Nevertheless, the monetary support declined as East Timor started to receive economic and trade cooperation, especially in the fields of oil and natural gas development, and agriculture and fishery. A whole range of states provided particular kinds of aid. The […]

Economic and Social Development – 1999

In a donor conference held on Feb 25-27, 1999, Cambodia received pledge support of $470 million from the international community. The Malaysian Prime Minister and Cambodian Prime Minister held a talk on the possibility of Cambodia’s entry into ASEAN. In the meeting, the Malaysian Prime Minister pledged that Malaysia would look into Cambodia’s request for […]