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Demobilization – 2001

The Armed Forces maintained several units that served no purpose for external defense and instead involved themselves in all sorts of internal affairs that should have been relegated to the National Civilian Police (PNC) and other non-military bodies. The Minister of Defense admitted that the Armed Forces were still deployed for counter-insurgency. The Chief of […]

Prisoner Release – 1993

After the release of the report of the Commission on the Truth, the Government issued a general amnesty to protect those implicated for human rights violations. As a consequence, notorious convicted criminals were freed, such as FAES officers Guillermo Benavides and Yusshy Rene Mendoza, who were convicted for the 1989 murder of six Jesuit priests […]

Detailed Implementation Timeline: Accord for a Firm and Lasting Peace

Agreement on the Implementation, Compliance and Verification Timetable for the Peace Agreements (Guatemala City, 29 December 1996) II. Timetable for the 90 Days from 15 January 1997 A. Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights Compensation for and/or assistance to victims of human rights violations 10. Establish the State body responsible for public policy regarding compensation for […]